Wedding Plans

A "How To Guide" that enables you to plan a wedding day that is reverent, beautiful and memorable for all. 



You are about to embark on the most beautiful and challenging time of your lives.  This informational guide is intended to walk you through the necessary steps leading up to your big day.

Church Requirements

All Catholic persons considering marriage must be: 

Registered practicing Catholics

Regular recipients of the Sacraments

Contributers to parish financial support


Mass or Ceremony?

Mass:  For the marriage between two Catholics, a mass is usually celebrated

Ceremony:  For mixed marriages between a Catholic and a non-Catholic, a ceremony is celebrated without the mass

Reception of Holy Communion For Marriages where the Eucharist is celebrated

For Catholics:  Catholics can and should fully participate in the celebration of the Eucharist

*The reception of the Sacrament of Confession prior to the day of the wedding is expected 

For Other Christians:  We welcome all of those Christians who are not fully united with the Catholic church.  It is a consequence of the sad divisions in Christianity that we cannot extend the invitation to receive the Eucharist

Those not receiving the Eucharist are encouraged to express in their hearts a prayerful desire for unity with the Lord and with one another, by making a Spiritual Communion.


Begin Your Plans  

Schedule an appointmentwith a priest or deaconat least one year before your proposed wedding date.

Setting the datecannot be done until there is a meeting with a priest or deacon.  Please do not set a date at the venue for your reception before talking to a Priest or Deacon.  The church may not be available on the day you desire.

Most weddings are celebrated on Saturdays at either 12 noon or 2:00pm.Please note: There is always a possibility of having 2 weddings on the same day. There may also be a funeral in the church in the morning.  Other times need to be discussed with the priest or deacon.  Weddings are notnormally scheduled on Sundays.  Saturday afternoon weddings DO NOT fulfill Sunday mass obligation and so you still ought to attend Mass on Sunday after your wedding day.

Choose the priest or deacon you wish to celebrate your wedding.  If you choose a priest or deacon not of the parish, he will be responsible for all of the prenuptial preparations including collection of all necessary documents.  Priests or deacons who are relatives or a close friend of the couple are most welcome.However, any Priest or Deacon from outside the Diocese of Allentown will need to provide a letter of good standing for his Bishop at least 3 months in advance of the wedding date. 

Non-Catholic clergyare always welcome at your wedding at St. Paul and can be incorporated into the liturgy.  Please discuss this however with your priest before you extend this invitation to your clergyperson just to make sure we are clear on what is expected. 

Inform the priest or deacon witnessing your wedding immediately if you plan to invite another clergy to attend.  The priest or deacon will let you know the extent of participation by the guest clergy.

Rehearsals- Rehearsals will normally be on Fridays at 6:00 PM. If your wedding is scheduled for a Friday the rehearsal will be held on Wednesday or Thursday.  


NOTE- on First Fridays of the month rehearsals must be scheduled around the First Friday Spanish Mass and/or Stations of the Cross during Lent.Please be on time for your rehearsal. 

Decorations-if there are no other celebrations occurring in the Church after the rehearsal, or on Saturday morning, you may decorate the church that evening.  Otherwise, someone should be delegated to decorate 1 hour prior to the wedding. 

You are responsible for decorations.  ONLY MASKING TAPE is permitted on the carpet.  ONLY Plastic Hooks are to be used to hang bows/flowers on pew and must be purchased by the each wedding party. 


*If there are 2 weddings on the same day you may want contact the other party about sharing decorations. 

Parish Organist - it is your obligation to contact the parish organist. to set fees and meetings if necessary.

Mrs.  Janice DeMatto          610-797-9214

Mrs.  Joanne Schneider       610-395-1222

NOTE: If you choose to use an outside organist, it is still necessary to contact our parish organist.  The organist will make sure the guest is properly versed in the use of the church organ and approve the selection of liturgical music.  A fee of $35.00 must be given to the parish organist as compensation for this service.   

If you choose to use an outside cantoror instrumentalist  and it is necessary for the visiting musician to practice with the parish organist, there is an additional rehearsal fee of $35.00 which must be given to the parish organist to compensate for this service.



Please alert your photographer that they will be permitted a maximum of one half hour to take pictures inside the church after the wedding.  If you anticipate a long reception line in the church, it might be advisable to have the reception line at the reception hall rather than the church.  This will provide more time for pictures.  

Most pictures of the wedding ceremony will be able to be taken during the ceremony itself.  However, photographers are not permitted in the Sanctuary during the ceremony (i.e. they must stay off of the marble floor area).

Video tapingwithout flood lights is permitted.

It is important to remind all members of the wedding party that they are in the House of God and proper reverence for the sacredness of His presence is observed. 


Courtesy Items

BE ON TIME- out of respect for everyone involved, you must not be late.  If you are late your wedding Mass or Ceremony may have to be altered.  For example the Celebrant may need to reduce a Mass to a Ceremony with no Eucharist and some of the other parts and/or music may be omitted.

For safety reasons balloons, rice, confetti, bird seed, grass seed, flower petals, etc. are not permitted.  Artificial flower petals are acceptable, but must be picked up by the wedding party.

No animals allowed in church except for trained Service Animals 

Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on parish property.


Sacrement of Penance  

Confessions are heard on Saturdays 3:30pm to 4:30pm.  If you cannot make those times, contact one of the parish priests for an appointment.  Again, it is expected that you prepare for this important day with a clean conscience.  The Sacrament of Penance is expected of all Catholics.


Wedding Offerings


Church Offering ....................$ 250

Wedding Coordinator.............$   75

Altar Servers …………not provided by church

Organist Fee .... $150 

Cantor Fee  .......$100


St Paul Parish 

920 S. Second St. Allentown, Pa 18103

610 797-9733