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Jesus is our Lord, God and Savior who cleanses, nourishes and strengthens us poor sinners through His Holy Word and Sacraments, so that we may be united to Him always and so we may imitate what we receive by sharing His Truth, Life and Mercy with our neighbor.

Jesús es nuestro Señor, Dios y Salvador que limpia, nutre y fortalece, nos pobres pecadores, a través de su Santa Palabra y los Sacramentos, para que podamos estar unidos a Él siempre y así podemos imitar lo que recibimos al compartiendo su Verdad, Vida y Misericordia con nuestro prójimo.


Annual Giving Tree
We will once again be collecting donations of gift cards to Walmart, Target, and Kmart for Catholic Charities and Mission Outreach. They will use the cards to purchase needs for their clients on an individual basis. The tree will be located in the main vestibule beginning December 2nd. Please mark the gift cards to with the amount given. Thank You!


Christmas Message Bishop Schlert
I’ll be Home for Christmas Message from Bishop Alfred A. Schlert “I warmly welcome all Catholics ‘home for Christmas.’ No matter how long since your last visit, your spiritual home awaits you ready and waiting to welcome you home! I invite all my brother priests, deacons, religious, and practicing Catholics, through their example of holiness, perseverance, and joy, to be a source of encouragement to their brothers and sisters away from their spiritual home, and to invite one inactive Catholic back home for Christmas. Please know of my prayers for a blessed and Merry Christmas to you and your families!”
- Bishop Alfred A. Schlert 



Holy Hour for Vocations

1st Thursday of everymonth at 7pm in the Chapel. Need some help in your marriage?....Come to the Lord. Want to lead your children in the right path?....Seek His Will. Not sure what God wants of you? Discern His calling by asking Him and listening. We will pray the rosary for your vocation and then allow you to listen in silence to Christ in the Holy Eucharist, followed by Benediction. Come to the Lord that you may have peace.


Eucharistic Adoration

Join us every Friday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm in the Chapel. Jesus is waiting for us with open arms. Sign in sheets are available in all vestibules if you are interested to sign up for a specific hour.


Bible Study Groups
Our Bible Study Groups meet in the rectory basement at the following times:
Join at any time. If interested, call 610-797-9733, ext.14.



Christmas Schedule 

4th SUNDAY OF ADVENT MASSES: Saturday, Dec. 23rd - 5:00PM (Eng.) / Sunday, Dec. 24th - 7:30AM (Eng.), 9:00AM (Bilingual) 11:30AM (Eng.), 1:00PM (Span.)

CHRISTMAS EVE MASSES: Sunday, Dec. 24th - 5:00PM (Eng.) 7:00PM (Span.)
CHRISTMAS DAY MASSES: Monday, Dec. 25th - 7:30AM (Eng.), 9:00AM (Bilingual) 11:30AM (Eng.), 1:00PM (Span.)
NEW YEAR’S DAY MASS - Mary, Mother of God: Monday, Jan. 1st - 8:30AM (Eng.), 7:00PM (Span.) 

Domingo 24 de deciembre: 5pm ingles y 7 p.m. español
Lunes 25 de diciembre de 2017: 7:30am ingles, 9am bilingüe, 11:30am ingles y 1pm en español
AÑO NUEVO MARIA, MADRE DE DIOS 1º DE ENERO:  8:30 ingles y 7pm espańol